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How to Build and Leverage Paid Assessments

By January 4, 2024No Comments

It’s time to shake up your sales strategy and step into the spotlight. In our latest video, we uncover the secret sauce to boosting your sales process: the art of paid assessments. This isn’t just about tweaking your strategy; it’s about revolutionizing the way you engage with clients from the very first interaction. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover why your expertise deserves more than just a thank you – it deserves to be valued right from the start!

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Video Transcription

I don’t work for free. You’ll never work for free ever again, if you’re in my zone, no one works for free. So yeah, it’s a paid assessment.

And yes, we absolutely charge for it. Because that is your initial purchase point. It’s a stop the shop. Now what I do is I say, if you invest in my needs assessment, and you move forward with me with me, I will credit the needs assessment to the overall package or program. Now, why do I do that?

Why do I do that? Well, if they don’t want to move forward with you, then you get paid for your time.

Very important, right?

You all will never write another proposal or RFP for free again, because you’re not going to be shooting in the dark, they’re paying you to say, here’s what you need. Here’s what I’ve determined. Here’s what I, here’s what I do. And I go, here’s what I found. Here’s my recommendations. And if you want me to solve the problem, this is what it’s going to be.

The other piece of this is, I have to do it anyway. You guys all have to do it anyway. Because the client will be like, I want this you get anything you go my you have a bigger problem than that. And now you are terrified to ever flat rate value base your bids, because you’re concerned or your gun shy that you get in and it’s a mess, which Marybeth you would run into far and above more than anyone else in the subhub where they say they’ve got what they’ve got, and you get in and it’s a frickin mess, or they don’t have it all together.

Now you’re treading water, and you’re like, I have to increase the scope. And now I need to renegotiate this and you’re literally repeating your sales process after you just finished it, which is a giant pain in the booty.

Nikkie Achartz

CEO of SNAP Savvy Strategies LLC, Nikkie Achartz is a well-known Branding Consultant, Business Growth Strategist, transformational speaker and workshop facilitator who has extensive experience in marketing strategy, sales psychology and image based branding.