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Pricing & Profitability Business Coaching for Female CEO’s and Solopreneurs

Finally Lead the Profitable Business You Envisioned

If you’re a female business owner who wants to:
• Make and Keep More Money
• Identify Blind Spots
• End Burn Out
• Stop Making Costly Mistakes
• Scale with Ease & Confidence
You’re in the right place! We can help with all of the above & more.


Then, you’re in the right place.

Your Path to a Profitable and Scaleable Business

You’re smart, savvy and ready to take your business to the next level, but you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

We’ve helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs price with confidence, make money consistently, and scale with ease and clarity! And we can help you too.

Pricing & Profitability Consulting

Make more money, price with confidence, and move prospects from
“I’m interested” to “I’m IN!”

Surrogate C-Suite Coaching

Eliminate blind spots and minimize costly mistakes by going from an “employee” working IN your business to a Savvy CEO leading your business.

Profitability Power-Up Laser Session

Blast through that road block that’s keeping you from moving forward in your profitable business journey. These quick-fix sessions are designed to make immediate impact.


  • Laurie went from working 13-hours days to working half the time and making more money than ever before.
  • After joining our Savvy CEO Surrogate C-Suite, Katie went from 4 figures in the negative to making 5 figures in just 90 days
  • Within hours of implementing our recommendation, Sarah booked her first paid strategy session and now makes money qualifying potential clients.

Looking for results like these? Let’s talk.

We provide a strategic roadmap and the business coaching you need to lead a profitable, manageable and scalable business without sacrificing more TIME and without your team relying on you for everything.

Our Process


Our comprehensive assessment identifies where you are now in relation to your ultimate business goals. This assessment includes strategic and actionable recommendations to start your path to profitability to implement on your own or with our support.

Action Planning

Using data-driven insights from our assessment, we create a strategic plan of action to fix what isn’t working and fill the gaps in cash flow, resources, or target market so you can grow and scale your business in a safe and controllable way.


After reviewing our detailed action plan with you, we work together to support you or your team in the implementation process. We also offer business coaching to keep you and your team on track in leading the business you envisioned.

Featured In

Meet Nikkie Achartz

Business Growth & Sales Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Branding Consultant

With a diverse background in business growth strategy, sales psychology, and image-based branding, Nikkie has carved out a niche as the leading business coach and profitability consultant in the world of female entrepreneurship.

Her background in trauma-informed psychology equips her to address the psychological aspects of navigating challenges and opportunities unique to female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Whether speaking from the stage, facilitating interactive workshops, or consulting one-on-one, her strategic business growth coaching and consulting methods motivate women to step boldly into their roles as Savvy CEOs who lead businesses and teams that work the way they envision. With her no-nonsense approach infused with humor combined with her extensive business acumen, her clients experience exponential profit growth, redefined productivity, and a wellspring of innovative ideas that help them grow and scale with ease and confidence.

Close More Clients, Get Paid for Your Expertise, & Never Write Another Proposal for Free

Create an initial buy-in that primes the client to make larger investments in working together in the future

Empower yourself to step away from an hourly rate and into value-based pricing without fear

Answer the question “Is this a good fit?” for both them and you

Get paid to create pitch-perfect proposals

Establish the quality and high value of what you do while removing the risk

Download this Free PDF guide to build and leverage an assessment to get paid for qualifying leads.

Raves & Reviews

I had no idea how many “blind spots” I had until Nikkie took us through the See Suite Experience. In less than 3 months after this workshop and using what I learned, I worked half the hours and made the same amount of revenue! I highly recommend the See Suite Experience to any driven entrepreneur who is ready to GROW both personally and professionally and step into their role as CEO!

Kelly Stokes Brown, CEO of KSB Online MarketingThe See Suite Experience workshop completely changed the way I look at and operate my consulting business!

I attended Nikkie’s “Get SOLD OUT” workshop and was wowed by her expertise and the amount of hands-on, one-on-one attention she gave me. I got more than my money’s worth. I would highly recommend her. She provides real, practical strategies on the spot.

Tiffany PIf you haven’t worked with Nikkie, you are missing out.

She came up with a variety of packages I can offer with my coaching program and services that I just couldn't see for myself, because I was 'too close.’ I walked away feeling energized and excited! Nikkie is definitely savvy with strategies and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!

Catherine D.I had a pricing and profitability consultation with Nikkie and it was SO helpful!