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Pricing & Profitability Consulting for Solopreneurs

Pump up profits, price with confidence, and move prospects from “I’m interested” to “I’m IN!”

Barely surviving and ready to
finally THRIVE?

You know you’re missing out on making more money and growth opportunities, but you just can’t get from where you are to where you want to be. You’re ready to ditch the burnout and make the impact and the money you deserve.

Your path to leading a profitable business starts here.

What You Get From
Profitability Consulting

  • Identify a market or markets that can pay you for your services.
  • Understand the needs/wants of your target audience to pitch higher-priced proposals perfectly
  • Attract the right clients by aligning your offering with the market you want to serve
  • Confidently move potential clients from “hi” to “Here’s My Money!”
  • Get paid for qualifying potential clients with our Stop the Shop tool
  • Create a balanced approach to working on versus in your business to end the feast or famine cycle for good
  • Gain structured support in implementing and testing your new money making and money keeping systems
  • Have a knowledgeable “wing woman” to help you triage unexpected issues and optimize results
  • Programs that meet you where you’re at, and allow for both the structure and the flexibility necessary for small business growth.

Scaling Success: A Female Founder’s Business Breakthrough

Navigating the early challenges of her home-organization business, Katelin found clarity and confidence with Snap Savvy Strategies. Guided by Nikkie’s direct and personalized approach, she reevaluated her pricing, gaining the courage to value her services appropriately. Through strategic mentorship, Katelin refined her target market, established key partnerships, and streamlined her offerings. Snap Savvy’s comprehensive support, from profitability analysis to SOP development, transformed her business operations, fostering a well-organized, scalable model. This journey from uncertainty to becoming an empowered CEO highlights the transformative impact of Snap Savvy’s dedication to fostering growth and confidence in entrepreneurs like Katelin.

“I feel comfortable with my decisions as a CEO and know where I am heading thanks to Snap Savvy. Nikkie has really given me the confidence to scale my business in the most comfortable way.”
-Katelin Fast, Uncluttered By Design

How We Work Together

Assessment & Action Plan – Let’s Build The Business You Envision!

The Assessment & Action Plan includes strategic and actionable recommendations you can implement on your own or with coaching support.

Phase 1

Identify Urgent Needs

Prioritize & focus on the most pressing needs & growth opportunities

Phase 2

Design a Plan of Action

Manageable steps so you feel confident and in control throughout the implementation stage.

Phase 3


We’ll work with you to ensure action steps are being implemented and offer structured support if an unexpected issue arises during this stage.

Testing & Triage

Follow-up session(s) to address issues that arise during the implementation of your new Profitability Plan.

Included In

In this assessment and action plan, you’ll gain an in-depth synopsis of what’s working, what’s not, and strategic recommendations to support you in going from lean to thriving in business with confidence and clarity.


Determine your Survive, Drive, and Thrive income needs so you can better understand how those numbers impact the pricing of your products and services.


Select niche markets that value what you have to offer, and have the money and the motivation to invest in the kind of results you can deliver.


Create a solid structure that allows clients to flow from a no brainer initial “buy-in” to bigger ticket offerings without causing conversion killing sticker shock


Close higher profits and price points consistently by crafting a sales process that successfully moves qualified prospects from “I’m interested” to “I’m IN!”


Set your prices for the value you provide versus the number of hours you work, and ensure they meet both the needs of your prospects and your profit margins.


Take inventory of all available resources (money, time and people) to evaluate where you can optimize and streamline efforts to reach key objectives while minimizing costs and inefficiencies.

Pricing & Profitability Consulting

One-on-One Coaching

“I had a pricing and profitability consultation with Nikkie and it was SO helpful! She came up with a variety of packages I can offer with my coaching program and services that I just couldn’t see for myself, because I was ‘too close.’ I walked away feeling energized and excited! Nikkie is definitely savvy with strategies and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!”

Catherine D.

Through the assessment process, we select the best option of how to work together to get you to THRIVE.

Deliverable-Driven Consulting

We work with you to develop and implement your Profitability Action Plan in manageable stages so your business can grow in a safe and controllable way. This "done with you" style of program enables you to gain guidance, education, and support from us while empowering you with the responsibility to implement the processes and strategies we create from our work together.

Triage-Focused Coaching

We know business priorities shift rapidly and as such, this plan of action is intended to be flexible and leave room to address unexpected pivots or problems that arise. The ultimate goal of this program is to provide you with ongoing support and accountability so you can continue to grow and scale in a safe and controllable way.

Profitability Power-Up Laser Session

We work with you on one essential profitability element or triage a single issue that arises in pricing and profitability or allocation of resources. This session gets you over the speed bump that's slowing you down so you can level-up!

This profitability-focused coaching program is ideal for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level but would like additional support and accountability. In this 8-week program you’ll be taken step-by-step through the exact process we’ve guided hundreds of solopreneurs through who are just like you. we can assure you, these seven steps are essential to pumping up profits, charging with confidence and propelling prospects from “I’m interested” to “I’m IN.” Many of our clients have doubled, and even tripled their annual revenue after working with me, so we’ve got proof this process works!

Topics Covered in Group Sessions Include:

Target Market: Choosing niches that lead to riches

Pricing for profitability, sustainability & scalability

Mapping out a powerful and profitable purchasing funnel

Upleveling your sales process to convert more clients

Developing pitch perfect offerings that consistently close

The Next Cohort Kicks Off in September. Apply Now!

(Space is limited)

Group Profitability Planning Program

“Learning how to pump up profits and price with clarity and confidence is what she promised and concluded by overdelivering. She was able to…help me identify and sell to my ideal customer will help save time and increase my profits.

SNAP Savvy Strategies was just what I needed to help me communicate my value and design a price structure that aligns with my business goals for growth and profitability.

Dee M.