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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: About Snap Savvy Strategies

Consistent and predictable profitability is the result of a BOSS mindset working in harmony with a strong brand, focused buying triggers and a streamlined sales process.

We Are Snap Savvy Strategies

Our company is committed to our clients in designing memorable brands, developing successful sales processes and creating profitable and scalable business models that produce consistent revenue. By producing and delivering highly relevant workshops, programs and one-on-one consulting specifically geared for female entrepreneurs, we coach and consult solopreneurs in stepping up in the role as BOSS in business.

Transitioning from “survive to thrive,” our clients experience epic breakthroughs when they adopt our See Suite Experience and approach their businesses from this multifaceted perspective.

By leaning in to growing and stretching out of the comfort zone, female entrepreneurs find their “suite spot” and are quickly able to boost brand image, pump up profits and streamline sales processes without losing sight of their passion or their purpose and without sacrificing their health or well-being.

We can be in jeans, have a family and still run an empire!

With female founders only acquiring 2.2% of all capital funding each year, and female business owners making only .25 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts, SNAP Savvy Strategies is passionate about supporting and training a multi-generational uprising of female CEOs who break the mold of the traditional corporate leader.

Meet Nikkie Achartz

CEO of SNAP Savvy Strategies LLC, is a well-known Branding Consultant, Business Growth Strategist, transformational speaker and workshop facilitator who has extensive experience in marketing strategy, sales psychology and image based branding.

Her portfolio features professional industry leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the top names in social media. Highly connected and engaged in multiple women’s organizations and networking groups as an image based branding consultant and photographer, Nikkie noticed an alarming trend in female founded businesses. Very few female entrepreneurs had replicable systems or processes in place which made consistent income difficult and growing and scaling nearly impossible.

Exploring, researching and observing the trials and opportunities facing female entrepreneurs today in growing and scaling businesses led Nikkie to expand SNAP Savvy Strategies service offerings to meet this emerging need.

Infusing her educational background in psychology and behavioral profiling, Nikkie coaches and supports female entrepreneurs in operating their businesses through the lens of a CEO to grow, scale and profit in business. As a highly respected and sought after strategic business coach and consultant, Nikkie firmly guides female entrepreneurs in stepping into their power as BOSS and turning their passion into a profitable, manageable, scalable, successful business.

Whether speaking from the stage, facilitating interactive workshops, or consulting one-on-one, Nikkie’s influential leadership style combined with her exuberant mince-no-words approach motivates her clients to step confidently into their role as a Savvy BOSS in business.

Using the foundational elements of the C-Suite model, Nikkie developed the See Suite Experience geared specifically for female entrepreneurs to address their unique needs and goals.

Client Raves

” I recently attended Nikkie’s “Get SOLD OUT” workshop and as an entrepreneur/business owner who hosts several trainings and workshops, I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned! She really has valuable secrets that will launch your business forward powerfully. I also HIGHLY recommend working with her one-on-one…you won’t regret it!”

 – Sara M