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From Lean to Thriving – Schedule Your Assessment Today!

As a business owner, you’ve gone lean, picked up the slack and feel like you’re back in the trenches. You’re ready to find the gaps, fix the leaks and fill your pipeline again, so you can move out of running lean and back into optimal growth. Our 7-part assessment was designed specifically for you to pinpoint exactly what’s not working, so your business can fully thrive again.

Pricing & Profitability Consulting

Pump up profits, price with confidence, and move prospects from “I’m interested” to “I’m IN!”

“I had a pricing and profitability consultation with Nikkie and it was SO helpful! She came up with a variety of packages I can offer with my coaching program and services that I just couldn't see for myself, because I was 'too close.’ I walked away feeling energized and excited! Nikkie is definitely savvy with strategies and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!”

Catherine D.

Are you barely surviving and ready to do whatever it takes to finally THRIVE?

Guidance in helping you identify a target market that will properly value your services.

If I "niche" will I be leaving money on the table from other potential sources?

Identifying the compelling fears, pains, and desires of your ideal client.

How are you ideally positioned to meet the needs/wants of your target audience?

Support matching your brand with the ideal target market.

Do you want high end clients, but have a bargain basement brand?

Understanding how much time you must spend “on” your business vs. “in” your business.

How do you get off the feast-famine income roller coaster that often comes with a service-based business?

Understanding your revenue funnel and how to move potential clients from “hello” to bigger ticket packages.

How are you converting inquiries to income in a way that allows prospects to easily “buy in” to your services without causing instant sticker shock?

Ways to add value so you don’t get caught in the discounting trap

In what ways are you standing out in the crowd of your competitors without engaging in a “race to the bottom” pricing plan?

Savvy SeeEO Coaching

Minimize costly mistakes, end burnout, and scale with ease and confidence.

“The See Suite Experience workshop completely changed the way I look at and operate my consulting business! I had no idea how many “blind spots” I had until Nikkie took us through the See Suite Experience. In less than 3 months after this workshop and using what I learned, I worked half the hours and made the same amount of revenue! I highly recommend the See Suite Experience to any driven entrepreneur who is ready to GROW both personally and professionally and step into their role as CEO!”

Kelly Stokes Brown, CEO of KSB Online Marketing

See your business through the lens of a CEO and Become BOSS (Bold, Operational, Systematic, and Strategic) in your business.

Understanding how to stop derailing business growth by letting go of Superhuman Syndrome (trying to be all things, to all people, at all times)

How do you stop experiencing burnout and feelings of resentment for something you used to be so passionate about?

Planning your future exit strategy for better informed decision making now.

Are you beginning with the end in sight? When something happens that prevents you from working (by your choice or not), what do you want to happen to your business and the clients you serve?

Creating your own “surrogate” C-Suite without having to be a big corporation with a big budget.

How are you going to eliminate blindspots in your business that are causing you to make costly mistakes if you don’t know, what you don’t know, until you know it?

Guidance in transitioning from being irreplaceable in your business to scaling your business with ease and confidence.

How do you move from being an employee working IN your business to the CEO leading your business, without sacrificing your brand’s quality or your passion/purpose?

Understanding your business model and its role in access to outside capital funding.

How will you structure your business to make it attractive to lenders or investors?

Speak-Up, Sell-Out & Get Paid – Training

A proven framework for producing a SOLD OUT event!

“I attended Nikkie’s “Get SOLD OUT” workshop and was wowed by her expertise and the amount of hands-on, one-on-one attention she gave me. I got more than my money’s worth. I would highly recommend her. She provides real, practical strategies on the spot. If you haven’t worked with Nikkie, you are missing out.”

Tiffany P.

In this action-oriented training, you’ll learn the key steps to get butts in seats and the formula for selling out your trainings that fill your funnel, expand your reach, and keep them coming back for MORE!

  • Get 100% clear on WHY you’re producing the event in the first place
  • Define WHO you are serving
  • Learn the 4-part formula for delivering content that creates raving reviews and requests for repeat performances
  • WHEN to offer your event so you get maximum attendance
  • 4 proven strategies to increase visibility and reach to sell out your event

This interactive program is specifically for entrepreneurs who want to produce their own trainings, but have no idea how to do it or have tried to produce an event only to have to reschedule or cancel due to low registration. Once you learn these 4 W’s, you’ll reach and engage more people and sell more tickets!

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